Summer Home Maintenance Tips

There are many home safety tips that you should know to keep your family safe and healthy. The first step in any home safety program is to craft a schedule of inspections to be carry out, so that the checks can be conducted on a regular basis. Here are a few safety checks to put on your home safety program.

Check your smoke alarms according to manufacturer recommendations, dust, and clear of spiderwebs that might clog the sensors.

Check all your windows and make sure that they open close easily. In the event of a fire you may need to egress though a window and you will want to be sure the windows open smoothly.

The next monthly maintenance tip to keep your home running smoothly is to run water through unused drains and to clean the shower head to prevent clogging. A safe draining cleaning method is do pour baking soda and hot water routinely down drains.

The next home maintenance tip is for pet owners, if you have pets in your home you need to routinely clean the air ducts and change air filters on a monthly or quarterly basis. Pet hair tend to clog these items quicker so it is necessary to routinely check.

The next home maintenance tip is to conduct a visual inspection of your roof. From the ground check of missing discoloration of your shingles and look for shingles that may be loose or missing. Check around gutter downspouts for loose granular and around the house for shingles. For more roofing maintenance tips read our article about 6 Signs You Need a New Roof.

By adhering to the above mentioned home maintenance tips, you can keep your home running smoothly and more importantly safely. You can save a lot of money by fixing problems before they become major repairs by putting in home maintenance and inspection plan.

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