How to Choose an Austin Area Roofer

Finding a Roofer is Smooth Sailing with These Tips

The first step is putting together a list of local roofing companies to choose from. The best place to start of course is to ask friends and family for a referral. This reference should be based on people having worked with the roofer in the past and not only just knowing one.

Other sources for finding local Austin roofers is the internet. Most qualified roofing companies now have some measure of web presence, and a quick search for Roofing Contractors + Your City should turn up some professional roofing companies in your area.

Other places to look for roofers online are review site directories like:

  • Angie’s List
  • HomeAdvisor
  • Yellow Pages
  • Yelp

You can look for roofing contractors offline as well, in places like the local newspaper.

Once you have a list of 7 – 10 roofers on your list it is time to start narrowing your list. Start looking for online reviews and complaints about their services. After you find the ones you like, give a few of them a call to set up an appointment.

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Before installing a new roof or having repairs made consider the following when selecting your Roofing Contractors:

  1. Look for an established, licensed or bonded roofer and request references.  Texas doesn’t currently require roofing companies to be licensed.  However, Texas does have a self-regulating roofer organization that requires roofers to have experience and to be licensed.  For more information visit the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas website.
  2. Carefully review and understand any warranty and look for conditions that would void it.
  3. Use caution and ask questions before accepting a bid substantially lower than other bids covering the same repair work.
  4. Ask to see the certificate of insurance to be sure both liability and workers compensation insurance coverage is carried, and are in force during the time the roofing work is being done.
  5. Insist on detailed, written estimate stating the quantity of materials needed (labor charges, work specifications) wich include approximate starting and completion dates, payment procedures and that any necessary building permits are secured.

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Getting a new roof is a big purchasing decision and we appreciate the gravity of that decision.  The very best way to make sure you get the best price and the best contractor for your roofing project are to contact three or four local roofers to request a quote.  All the quotes should be around the same price since roofing is such a competitive industry.

If you want a professional roofer to take a look at your roof or to give you a free estimate call (507) 589-4020 to set up an appointment.  Our roofers are local Austin businesses with over 20 years experience and will treat you fairly.